Goodbye guys!


... well, there are several reasons but first of all: it's simply exhausting. As you may know are most of the topics covered by this site... well, "ticklish". I have no longer the time to keep an eye on the user generated content just to deal with law notices anyway. The second reason is based on several disappointments. First of all, the idea was always to allow so called hotlinking and provide an easy interface to spread and use funny images. However, paying for the traffic and space with my private money was never the case (ever noticed how little ad's where placed on the site?). But seeing that big sites stole traffic without even backlinking really disappoint me. In one case the traffic exceeded 2 GB/day (for one picture, hotlinked by one particular site). The tip of the iceberg was reached when Google (which excessively made use of the hosted pictures with the Image Search) showed increased user access, higher rankings, more traffic but at the same time changed the pangerank from 1 to 0. It's not the PR1... it's just so sad how the "big" guys leeched the life out of this small place. In addition has the spam and abuse by bots increased to an annoying level. I banned 712 diffenret IPs in the last 4 months.... wtf?